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  • In the mid-eighties science, with the help of genetic technology, finds the key to mastering the earth and especially its creatures. Suddenly, everything seems possible!

    Years later we embark on a global journey to explore the progressive and continual genetic manipulation of plants and animals: Due to a disastrous crop with genetically modified cotton many Indian farmers face ruin, have to sell one of their kidneys or resort to committing suicide. In Canada genetically modified canola seeds blow onto the fields of neighbouring organic farms, thus making ecological farming impossible.

    The Canadian company AQUA BOUNTY is just about to obtain market approval in 2004 for ist sterile, genetically manipulated giant salmon, which grows six times larger in only half the time than the other members of ist species living in the wild. Regardless of any fear harboured by consumers the genetically modified fish are soon to land in our pots and frying pans. Worldwide only a handful of idealistic scientists are defying industry, doing independent – without the financial support of industry – research on the effects of transgenic animals and plants on the environment and our health when we consume genetically modified food.
  • Director: Bertram Verhaag
  • Director of photography: Stefan Schindler, Gerado José Milsztein
  • Editor (Cut): Gabriele Kröber
  • Score: Michael Bauer
  • Producer: Michel Morales, Bertram Verhaag
  • Sound: Michael Busch, Zoltan Ravasz
    • Production company: DENKmal-Film Verhaag GmbH
    • coproduced by: Haifisch Film
    • Broadcasted by: SWRARTE
    • Supported by: Hessen Invest FilmEuroDoc
    • Distributed by: DENKmal-Film Verhaag GmbH
  • (2004) 1.Preis für die beste lange Produktion (The Carmo Bernardes trophy), Goias
  • (2004) Nominierung für den NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA AWARD, Vancouver
  • (2004) ”Nominierung für den IDA Award” International Documentary Association, Los Angeles
  • (2004) Goldener Luchs für beste journalistische Leistung, Freiburg
  • (2004) Environmental Great Prize (Câmara Municipal de Seia) für die beste Arbeit in der Kategorie Umwelt, Seia
  • (2004) ”Lobende Erwähnung”, Seia
  • (2005) ”Lobende Erwähnung”, Colombos
  • (2005) 1.Preis für die beste Produktion in der Kategorie: Landwirtschaft, Pestizide und Erde, Santa Cruz
  • (2006) “Silver Snail”, Bra
  • (2004) 19. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival, München
  • (2004) 6th FICA – Internationales Umweltfilmfestival, Goias
  • (2004) Il Mostra Fica no Rio – Internationales Umweltfilmfestival, Rio de Janeiro
  • (2004) Il Mostra Fica no Rio – Internationales Umweltfilmfestival, Neuschönau
  • (2004) 23th Vancouver Internationales Film Festival, Vancouver
  • (2004) 49th Cork Film Festival, Cork
  • (2004) CineEco – 10. Internationales Umwelt Film und Video Festival, Seia
  • (2004) Ökomedia – 21. Internationales Umwelt Film Festival, Freiburg
  • (2004) Nanookfest –, Palermo
  • (2004) Mar del Plata Independent Film Festival, Buenos Aires
  • (2005) globale05 – Das Globalisierungskritische Filmfestival, Berlin
  • (2005) Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC
  • (2005) International Human Rights Film Festival of Paris, Paris
  • (2005) ONE WORLD – International Human Rights Film Festival, Prag
  • (2005) GREEN SCREEN – UN World Environment Day 2005 Film Festival, San Francisco
  • (2005) 10th Split International Film Festival of new Film, Split
  • (2005) CPH:DOX – 3rd Copenhagen Intern. Documentary Festival, Copenhagen
  • (2005) The Chris Awards – 53rd Columbus Intern. Film & Video Festival, Columbus
  • (2005) CUT – Internationales Filmfestival für Menschenrechte, Dresden
  • (2005) Earth Vision – Internationales Umwelt Film & Video Festival, Santa Cruz
  • (2006) 3rd Slow Food on Film – Cinema Corto in Bra, Bra
  • (2006) Junge Normale @ cinemagic – Intern. Dokumentarfilm-Fest, Wien
  • (2006) PLANETE DOC Against Gravity, Poland
  • (2006) VIVISECTfest Novi Sad, Serbia
  • (2009) Emisión Cero, Madrid
  • (2011) Life Sciences Film Festival, Prag




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