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For you as filmmaker or license owner, is a platform, that allows you to merchandise and distribute your films worldwide. In a few steps you are able to upload and offer your film in many different ways. Please use the firefox browser when you work with our System!

To use the System to offer your films you first have to register with our partner the Culturebase Network and while doing so create a profile of yourself. To do so please go here

1. Register with "Culturebase"

We need your personal Data to be able to reach you. In the registering process you create what we call a webbusinesscard. While you do so, you can decide to publish or not publish your data or parts of your data on the Internet via your profile page and in the culturebase network We want to encourage you to publish at least some information on who you are and make some contact data availiable for your audience, they will like it and it is part of our idea of digital rights fair trade that they can reach out to you, the maker and/or distributor of the film. Please allow Popups while registering with the Culturebase Network, they have been using them before the advertising companies started to misuse them...
If you later want to change or add something to your webbusiness card, please follow this link update your profiel

If you want to create next to your own personal webbusinesscard also one for a company, group or institution, please follow this link to the module cb-address Since any registered member can enter Institutions and companies into cb-address, these entries go through a validation process by our editors and if accepted, will be available about 24 hours after you submitted them.

2. Create a database entry for your film in ""

This means enter title, enter and reference cast and crew members (+-), select categories, enter synopsis and teaser in different languages ( if available), upload fotos, in the database ( please select language after you clicked on the red "cb-film.1.0"). Please do not upload film files into cb-film anymore, for upload and management of the film files we now have built the shopadmin.

3. Upload and administer your film files "shopadmin"

Please keep in mind, that you accept our Terms and Conditions by uploading a film.

Visiting for the first time? Please check out our FAQ page at first. You will find useful information and manuals there.

If further questions arise, do not hesitate to contact our support team: support(at)

The film(s) you upload into the system can be made available for stream and download for micropayment at, but also on numerous other onlinefilm partner websites as well as other partners of the Kulturserver-Network, and via the embeded player/shop e.g. , or but always only to the conditions that you have set in the shopadmin ! ( ... futher information as PDF). .

To be successful with your offer we recommend to embed or link the films uploaded to ONLINEFILM on your own and the films homepage, as well as every website or blog that you think might help you to reach an interested audience for your film. It is worthwhile to invest some time into this! You will notice it in your sales figures ; ) . We have provided a manual with the necessary information.




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