• The film shows against the background of English experiences what are the results of the privatization of the blue gold in Europe.

    “H2O for sale” - The privatization of a human necessity
    A documentary by Leslie Franke and Hermann Lorenz
    Length: 58 min. Format: Hdcam 1080i

    Water - the origin of life.
    The human being consists mostly of water, therefore our health and wellbeing is highly dependent on the quality of our drinking water. As European communities sink further into debt and the EU pushes toward liberalization, the privatization of the “liquid of life“ inevitably moves closer.
    The film “H2O for sale” shows how the privatization of the “Blue Gold” affects the quality of drinking water for people in England and also compares it to cities within Germany.
    Even with England’s long history of privatization of its water works, the results are the same everywhere:
    Thousands of jobs have been terminated and costs have been cut to increase efficiency but the communities have had to carry the immense costs of the unemployment.
    Is it really effective to save on the investments? For the profit, absolutely,
    but what about the quality of the water?

    SECOND CAMERA: Stefan Corinth and Marika Kavouras, SOUND: Stefan Corinth and Julian Brower, NARRATED BY: Paul Glaser, MUSIC: Hinrich Dageför, Frank and Stefan Wulff, PRODUCTION: Eva-Maria Wittke and Fridtjof Stechmann, EDITOR: Rainer Markgraf,

    A joint production of KERN Filmproduktion and NDR, supported by MSH
    Kern Filmproduktion GmbH, Brennerstr. 58, D-20099 Hamburg, Tel. 004940 24 12 90,
  • Regie: Herdolor Lorenz
  • Drehbuch: Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Fra, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Franke, Leslie Fra
  • Kamera: Herdolor Lorenz
  • Schnitt: Herdolor Lorenz
    • Ko-Produktion: Kern TV
  • (2007) Grand Prix des Festival del Eux 2007, Lüttich
  • (2007) Internationaler Wettbewerb des Human Right-Filmfestivals, Paris




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